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The Second Workshop on Latent Dynamics (LD-2)

We are pleased to announce the Second Workshop on Latent Dynamics (LD-2) in June 2011.

Organizing Committee

Call for "Impromptu" talks

In LD-2, we solicit “impromptu” talks from authors who are interested in the concept of latent dynamics. We will NOT limit our scope to the data mining area but welcome any field of research including service sciences/engineering and cognitive sciences. We request authors to send the following information to ws latent-dynamics.net by 23:50 JST on Jun 6 (Fri), 2011.

Talk Abstracts

See the Japanese page.


See the Japanese page.

Paper Submission

The workshop proceedings (a collection of extended abstracts) will be published online on this Web site. Also, we are planning to make presentation slides of the talks available after the Workshop.

Submitting your manuscript

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